Ergonomic Workstation Bridge Cranes

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The quality of construction SPANCO cranes provides durability, flexibility and efficiency needed for a variety of applications as complex as it is, even where multiple lifting cells are needed. Increase productivity even more with SPANCO accessories such as telescopic bridge or motorisation.

Ceiling-Mounted cranes

A Ceiling-Mounted Spanco crane can handle all your lifting without bulky steel structure. However, these cranes require adequate structure to support the maximum lifting load and the lifting equipment weight. Multi-Industrial recommends the advice of a qualified engineer before suspending a crane to your plant structure.

Freestanding crane

Spanco Freestanding cranes can perform the most difficult tasks while being installed on a 6′ reinforced concrete floor. This prevents you from using the structure of the building. Spanco cranes are of modular design conception easily modifiable as your business, your work area or your needs increase.

Available in steel, aluminum and stainless steel, with capacities ranging from 250-lb to 4500 lb and bridges up to 34 feet of wheelbase, our cranes offer these advantages:

  • Easy to install, move and grow with your business
  • Ergonomic rails facilitate load movement
  • Displacement force around 1 to 100 (about 20-pounds of thrust for a load of 2000 lbs)
  • Strengthened Ergonomic rails allow greater range and greater flexibility

Aluminum rail available when the weight of the crane is critical and/or when a better ratio for the displacement force is desired