Looking for a customized solution for storing heavy and bulky parts?

We have the right solutions to meet your industrial or institutional storage needs, no matter the scale of your project. Pallet racking (shelving), pushback racking systems, drawer shelves for steel plates, industrial racks (cantilevers), drawer racks, long-range racking, dynamic systems, and more. Multi-Industriel offers high-quality equipment, an attentive team, unique metal storage solutions (bars, plates, steel sheets), innovative ideas and a well-designed game plan.

Rethink your heavy storage system and reap the benefits.

Our solutions are ideal for:

  • Changing your processes and improving your system
  • Accessing your inventory more easily
  • Maximizing vertical space
  • Working smarter
  • Freeing up floor space for better traffic flow
  • Making your team’s life easier