Vacuum Lifter

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Multi-Industriel offers vacuum lifting systems designed according to the size, porosity, shape and weight of the object to be manipulated. We also consider the type of lifting (rotation, tilt, standard vertical lifting, etc.) and the environment in the design of the equipment.

We use suction cups of different sizes, shapes and material to offer ideal handling. The arrangement of suction cups is paramount for safe lifting. Besides, Multi-Industrial always recommends the use of a leak detector in order to secure and simplify the lifting operation.

We offer maintenance of these tools as well as the sale of parts. We are a proud partner of Vaculex.

A solution for almost every application

All items: sheets and plates, coils, tubes, bars, boxes, bags, paper, appliances, etc.
Capacity: 0.5-lbs to 550-lbs
Porous material and non-porous: metal, concrete, foam, wood, stone, plastic, glass, etc.
Any form: concave, convex, flat, ribbed, bumpy, wavy, rough, porous, etc.
Any action: lifting, tilting, rotating, flipping, gathering, implementation, packaging, etc.
Any environment: inside or outside, dusty, hot, etc.
Power supply: electrical, mechanical, battery or air.