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Save space by choosing a Cogan standard or customized structure for office space or storage equipment mezzanine. Made in Quebec, our mezzanines meet the NBC (National Building Code of Canada) standards and are approved by a structural engineer member of l’Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

They are self-supporting, prefabricated and they must have a vertical clearance of 6′-10” between the finished floor and any other obstacle above the floor. They may have wheelbases of 20’– 0’’ between the legs and all joints are bolted with structural bolts. Plates with a minimum thickness of ½” are fully welded to the bottom of each leg to distribute the weight of the mezzanine on the floor of your warehouse. An approval drawing is always submitted so you can visualize your project in details. To see an example of an approval drawing click below. An experienced team is available to make the installation.

The Multi-Industrial team will assist you to choose:

The appropriate size of the mezzanine
The height of your mezzanine considering restrictions
Capacity per square foot
The location of your stairs
The type of flooring for your needs
Areas requiring guardrails
The type of railing
The location of structural legs
Assessment of costs and time


  • Length x Depth of your choice
  • The location of the support columns, and braces must be strategically placed to allow circulation under the mezzanine
  •  The 20′-0″ distance between the columns allows use of easier to handle parts during installation

Height of the mezzanine

  • Floor height: distance between the floor and the top finish of the mezzanine floor
  • Height under the mezzanine: distance between the floor and the support beams
  • Keep in mind that you need a clearance height of 6′-10″ under and above the mezzanine

Charge capacity

  • 125-lb / ft² (1500-lb on a pallet 40” x 48”) Light Storage
  • 135-lb / ft² (75 lb / ft² living + 60 lb / sq in dead load) For Office
  • 150-lb / ft² (2000 lb on a pallet 40” x 48”) Shelf
  • 200-lb / ft² (2500-lb over a range of 40” x 48”)
  • 250-lb / ft² (3,000-lb over a range of 40” x 48”) Heavy Storage
  • Special

Finished (baked powder)

  • Standard Grey
  • Standard Blue
  • Other (fees apply)

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