Pushback Racking

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Pushback Racking

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When the dynamic inventory management within a single aisle is an important element, when it is imperative to have direct, easy, and even visual access to stock units (“SKU”), when the replenishment of stock reserves must be automated, the pushback shelving system meets all these needs.

For product rotation, this system is a bit like a “Drive-In” system, knowing that the first pallet stored is the last one picked (FILO) *. However, with this system, a loading carriage allows the storage of different products on each level.

The operation is simple… The first pallet is placed on the upper carriage. When the second pallet is entered in the shelf, it automatically pushes the first load on the second carriage and the same applies for the following pallets. At pick-up, the operation is inverted.

At pick-up, the system will automatically bring all items to the aisle.

This system to a greater selectivity than the system with static buildup.

*First In, Last Out