Double access Arena safety ladder

We developed this product following a special request from the City of Montreal managers, in collaboration with the employees union and SST representatives. They wanted to provide secure equipment to change damaged windows around skating rinks. The goal was to reduce workplace accidents by avoiding the use of stepladders/small ladders that can often be very unstable, provide an easy to carry equipment on the ice, be able to place a glazed replacement window (in "Plexiglas") by securing it when moving and handling, and allowing access for two employees to be able to work at the right height .

We have fine-tuned some specific points to reach this final product that offers great stability on ice (using small ice picks under the legs accentuates this property), an adjustable iron floor angle on the board to ensure a firm grip on the replacement bay window, eyelets to avoid the replacement bay window from swinging by stabilizing it with an elastic coupling,... Finally, the patented lever system for the wheel base, facilitates the movement of the double sided-access.

An affordable high quality product, which ensures safe operation !!

All arenas should own one for the safety of their employees !! Contact us for more details!

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City of Montreal
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November 2014

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