Assembly Workstations

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Arlink 8000 workstations are versatile, easily reconfigurable and offer a wide variety of components and accessories. They boost your workflow.

Arlink 8000 Workstations are ideal for active environments. The innovative concept of Arlink begins with it’s columns. They are equipped with micro slits in the front and rear on every inch to support accessories such as a bulletin board, a rail or light. Then, the columns have macro slots, also at the front and at the rear. These are used to support heavy accessories such as the work surface and shelves. These columns form the skeleton of one or more workstations at a time. The big difference between Arlink and other worksattions is that they offer you the possibility to be completely reconfigured in minutes, only using a screwdriver.

Use of floor space.

Arlink 8000 Workstations allow you to achieve maximum productivity per square inch. They can be easily reconfigured to meet the needs of a different and evolving workflow. You can easily add a mobile base to move workstations for quick configuration changes.

Several possible configurations:

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Workstation with conveyor

The Arlink 8000 workstation family with conveyor provides economical and highly efficient solutions for workflow such as:

  • Manual assembly
  • Inspection arlink8000_config
  • Test cell
  • Retouching Department
  • Shipping

The system is available with conveyors on one or more levels and can also be integrated into the conveyor of your choice.

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