Wire Mesh partitions

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Mesh partitions are manufactured according to your needs

  • The grid system allows airflow and promotes visibility
  • Ideal for archives storage, to secure your inventory or your valuable equipment
  • Several possible configurations
  • 10 gauge(ga) wire mesh
  • Durable steel construction
  • Possible partitions height of 8 feet to 36 feet
  • Swinging or sliding door also available
  • Service window, lock, wall bracket and installation accessories available
  • Very common custom projects to restrict public access to devices
  • Panels

    The panel sizes range from 2′ x 1′ to 5′ x 10′. The frames are constructed with metal-angles resistant iron 1 1/4″ x 1 1/4″ of 10 gauge, the corners are cut and all have a welded seam. The magnitude of the grid is 2″ x 2″ and 10 gauge (.134), welded at all joints and also at the frame every 6 “. Panels of 8′ or more are reinforced with 1/2” round rods, dividing the panels into three equal sections. Note that the dimensions are nominal and that an approved plan must be approved before manufacturing.

  • Posts

    The standard metal square posts (2 “x 2”) with a weld bead have 8′ high but are available to order up to 36′ tall. Standard spacing between the center of the poles is or 8′ or 10′. Corner poles allow you to fix the mesh panels at 90 degrees while the standard posts (or line) facilitate panel installation to form a straight line.

  • Swing doors

    Single swing doors are made between 3′ and 5′ wide and 7′ to 10′ tall. Double swing doors can be between 5 and 10′ wide and 7′ and 12′ in height. They are made with the same materials and methods as the panels, in addition to a 1 1/2″ x 1/2″ flat metal bar welded through the center and two 1/2″ round metal rods welded in diagonal. The doors are equipped with a pair of padlock hasps, two door stops and a pair of 1 1/2″ metal hinges, unless otherwise specified.

  • Sliding doors

    The sliding doors can open only on one side or on each side of the opening. It is important to foresee the space needed to allow the door to slide freely and also remove all obstructions. The dimensions vary from 3 ‘to 20′ wide and 7′ and 20’ in height. They are manufactured with the same material and the same method as the panels and reinforced with a 1 1/2″ square metal pipe bolted on each side of the door. The sliding doors are also equipped with a #68 Stanley rail, two #64 hooks, a door guide and a pair of padlocks hasps.

  • Roofs

    The roof panels are made with the same material and the same method as the regular panels and are designed only for security purposes. The roof panels are not made to carry loads unless they are ordered and designed for a specific capacity.

  • Finish

    Gray paint, standard from Cogan manufacturer.

  • Hardware

    All the hardware needed for assembly is provided except the floor and the walls anchors.

  • Installation

    Our team of installers can offer you a turnkey solution. Safegarde partitions should be installed according to the installation manual instructions and according to approved plans.