Storage Wall System

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Main Features:

The Lista modular mounting blocks approach makes the Storage Wall System versatile and flexible storage solution. Tailored to your individual needs, but without the cost of a custom design, no storage system can match the Storage Wall System. The extraordinary combination of wall storage components offers the best solution in organization and use of space. It includes:

  • A huge variety of drawers for storing small parts and components
  • Sliding shelves for easy access to large, heavy items
  • Shelves for boxes and large items
  • long range beams for manual loading of long and large items
  • A selection of door types for added security, cleanliness and appearance.

The combination of these modular components means you can store small and large parts and have easy access to both.

This also means that the Lista Storage Wall System can easily adapt to changes and additions. It is never dated. An affordable solution for now and for the future.