Jib Cranes

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Jib Cranes are excellent handling solutions when you want to maximize floor space. They can supply a machine, transport equipment or even be part of an ergonomic workstation. They can be anchored to the floor in different ways or you can choose to use the existing structure of your building. whatever the need, Multi-Industrial recommends to always consult a structural engineer to make sure your structure is able to withstand the forces exerted by a Jib Crane. The lifting capacity varies from 250-pounds to 5 tons and wheelbase up to 30 feet. The rotation, motorized or not, is 200 degrees for the wall cranes and 360 degrees for the freestanding cranes. It can however be limited by barriers to avoid contact with an obstacle.

They are designed with a safety factor of 5 to 1. Multi-Industriel can install all kinds of Jib Cranes offering a turnkey solution or according to customer needs.